Wagon connections (bellows)

Main purpose for safe and convenient transfer of passengers and service personnel from wagon to wagon.

The carriageway developed by our company is intended for safe and convenient transfer of passengers and service personnel from wagon to wagon.

The transition provides protection of passengers and service personnel from environmental influences (precipitation, dust, wind), as well as noise and thermal insulation without installing interstitial doors.

We manufacture inter-car crossings for trams, buses, trolleybuses, trains and trains.

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Intersection crossing is designed for safe passage of passengers from one section of the tram to another with protection from the atmospheric effect of the environment.

The intersection bundle is based on a rotary coupling designed to power the sections and to rotate the vehicle relative to the horizontal and vertical axes.

Our cross-sectional design is serviceable in service conditions. Also, the design of the intersection crossing is mounted on transport in the conditions of production and technical base of the operating organization.

The design of the intersection transition meets the following requirements


Full safety of passengers who are in the intersection zone when driving.


Protection against dust and water tightness of the intersection crossing of the vehicle, as well as its places of contact with the body.


Reliable operation of the intersection transition at an ambient temperature of -30 degrees. With up to + 45 degrees C.


Our cross sections are made of Plastel PVC fabric and meet the requirements for heat and frost resistance, mechanical strength and durability, fire resistance and non-toxicity in accordance with DSTU 4706: 2006.


The material thickness of the outer intersection is at least 1.0 mm.


The life of the product is more than 10 years.

Our intersection connection provides the necessary angles of rotation of the vehicle sections, the possibility of their inclination in the vertical and horizontal planes (in the horizontal plane ± 25 °, in the vertical plane ± 15 °).

The elements of the outer edges of the intersection, sleeves, protective apron and mounting of the bellows to the vehicle are made of aluminum profile – AD31T5 alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials.

The design of the intersection provides access for inspection of the nodes and communications of the vehicle located between the bellows (bellows). Transport and storage of the intersection is carried out in special packaging.