Production of seats for passenger transport

Veem-Metalavtoprom is a manufacturer of seats for trolleybuses, trams, intercity coaches, and city buses. Our products are:




If you order our products, you will get certified products and a manufacturer`s warranty. We provide a wide range of products for any type of transport and deliver our products not only all over Ukraine but also abroad.


Our qualified engineers and specialists supervise production of seats for transport. Product quality is ensured by strict control of the technical control department.

Production of seats for various types of passenger transport

We offer modern seating designs for the following types of transport:

  • intercity and city buses, long-distance coaches;
  • tour buses, including seats for passengers and guides;
  • seats for trams, trolleybuses, railway coaches, underground coaches, boats, and special vehicles. 

We also offer:

  • folding seats for the side walls of free platforms in all means of public transportation;
  • complex wall seats;
  • mechanical driver’s seats.

Full production cycle

Our company also offers other seats which are not designed for passenger transport. We produce:


  • driver’s seats for all types of public transportation vehicles and trucks;
  • seats for special vehicles, for example for ambulances, armored personnel carriers as well as paratrooper’s seats;
  • seats for theaters, offices, and other sorts of chairs;
  • military seats. Our seats for paratroopers and shooters are fitted with adjustable armrests and side support for safety helmets.

We provide a wide range of services, in particular related to:  

  • intercar transitions (bellows) for transport;
  • integral elastic polyurethane foam products used for filling upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows, etc.;
  • metal laser cutting, for example of bronze, brass, stainless steel, and ferrous metals;
  • individual orders. We prepare sketches given the layout and the customer’s preferences. We complete individual orders based on customer sketches as well as assemble and weld the compounds of the sketched constructions.

We put the customers first and will help complete projects of any complexity with the best results.

Model development

Engineers of our company use the top-notch ideas and the best world practices in their work. Our products regularly participate in international exhibitions.


Our company is certified (ISO 9001:2015). We are also certified for all types of seats every year.


We manufacture metal frames, paint products, make plastic and polyurethane foam chair parts, sew and assemble finished products. Our production premises have a surface of more than 20 thousand square meters.
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Advantages of our company

  • Compliance of products and services to international standards. All our products are certified and tested in laboratories.
  • Cooperation with other companies in Ukraine and abroad to share experiences and improve our way of working.
  • Possibility to quickly complete orders of different complexity and in any quantities. We efficiently contribute to both single projects and serial ones.
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With the elastic polyurethane foam filling and ergonomic design, all seats are comfortable and cozy regardless of travel time and a vehicle type.


Thanks to our manufacturing technology, all types of seats are safe and secure for passengers and drivers. Besides, all plastic products are vandal-proof.


We ensure a high-quality result of our work. We use cutting-edge equipment and the latest technologies. Our specialists are real professionals in their field.
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