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High-quality metal bending

Sheet metal bending is a fairly simple and popular technical procedure that requires high precision and accuracy at the same time. After all, one wrong or inaccurate move can destroy the entire metal construction. Therefore, if you need high-quality metal bending, you should contact a reliable company working with advanced equipment for metal bending services.

The right choice will be Veem-Metalavtoprom. We provide a wide array of services at an affordable price and with quick turnaround time. Contact us by phone or e-mail address mentioned on the website to get free consultation on all questions you have regarding metal bending.

Features and benefits of sheet metal bending

Our qualified specialists use digital technologies to bend sheet metal in accordance with your sketches. To bend a metal sheet, one should place it on a machine or press where the pressure is applied to deform the metal to the specified parameters. This process is carried out in cold conditions, without heating. This eliminates damage or defects in the outcomes of bending process.The advantages of this service are:

  • high precision;
  • reliability and safety in future operation;
  • metal bending instead of welding helps to significantly reduce the number of welds. This makes the metal structure more durable and resistant to various conditions.

Pipe bending

Pipe bending is different from metal bending and requires another equipment. We provide services of bending of shaped and round tubes of different radii at the angle you require. At the end you get a neat and quick product ideally corresponding to your needs.

The cost of metal bending service

Costs of this service depends on the scale of the task which should be completed. After all, the efforts which are needed to bend steel and aluminum are significantly different. Besides, the size and thickness of a metal sheet also affect the price. Therefore, to calculate the cost of our work, we need to get all the sketches as well as the information about the type, thickness, and dimensions of the metal.

Metal bending from the company Veem-Metalavtoprom

We work with advanced equipment and numerous machines which allows us to work with a large number of orders and complete them with high quality and on time. That is why we specialize in serial production of parts and components for large machine-building and other enterprises. We are the only company in Eastern Europe that provides six-axis metal bending services using high-precision and high-tech equipment of the Swiss company Bystronic.Our company has 10+ years of experience with different metals and hundreds of satisfied customers who come back to us with new projects. We work at affordable rates which will suit both large customers and the clients who have small orders.



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