Inter-car couplings from a reliable manufacturer

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Main purpose for safe and convenient transfer of passengers and service personnel from wagon to wagon.

Inter-car couplings from a reliable manufacturer

Home >>> Inter-car couplings from a reliable manufacturer

Main purpose for safe and convenient transfer of passengers and service personnel from wagon to wagon.

Modern urban and intercity means of transportation should be spacious and large-sized but also maneuverable and safe. Transition platforms and the so-called accordion bars help to achieve this. Such inter-car links provide a comfortable and safe transition from one car to another and protect both passengers and personnel from the influence of external weather factors and noise.

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Purpose and key features

Intersection connections are designed for transport with cars, in particular trams, trolleybuses, trains, electric trains, and buses. These elements help to connect the cars or sections with each other. With the help of a swivel coupling device designed for docking, they provide soft turns of transport with the necessary angles of rotation of the sections and the possibility of tilting them.

All elements of the external edging and attachment of a coupling to a vehicle are made of aluminum alloy and other corrosion- resistant metals.

Advantages of inter-car connections

The inter-car couplings bring comfort not only for the passengers, but also for the entire vehicle. Essentially, they secure smooth movement, and therefore prolong the life of the vehicles.

By ordering inter-car transitions of Veem-Metallavtoprom you get:


We guarantee total safety for passengers in the crossing platforms when a vehicle moves.


Our platforms are protected from the effects of weather conditions, as well as dust around the perimeter and at the junction with the body.


Our couplings retain their quality and do not wear out at temperatures from -30 ° C to +45 ° C.


Inter-car compounds are manufactured in accordance with the DSTU 4706: 2006 (National Standard of Ukraine) and meet all the requirements of the standard. They are wear-resistant, non-toxic, frost-resistant, made of non-flammable three-layer silicone and plastic resistant to fire and high temperatures. This plastic does not smoke and ignite.


We guarantee the strength and durability of our products. The service life of our inter-car connections can be 10 years or more.


The life of the product is more than 10 years.
Приклад сидінь для трамваю

Our intersection connection provides the necessary angles of rotation of the vehicle sections, the possibility of their inclination in the vertical and horizontal planes (in the horizontal plane ± 25 °, in the vertical plane ± 15 °).

The elements of the outer edges of the intersection, sleeves, protective apron and mounting of the bellows to the vehicle are made of aluminum profile – AD31T5 alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials.

The design of the intersection provides access for inspection of the nodes and communications of the vehicle located between the bellows (bellows). Transport and storage of the intersection is carried out in special packaging.

Inter-car connections for trains, electric trains, and subway cars

Such couplings are particularly durable and wear-resistant. They are made of particularly elastic rubber which guarantees the train or subway cars to move smoothly without excessive shaking. With the help of such connections, passengers can easily and safely move between the cars without any risks to life.

Connectors for trams, buses and trolleybuses

For urban transport means such as trams, buses and trolleybuses, inter-car connections are equally reliable as for trains and have the same properties and quality. In addition, in the overcrowded public transport, passengers sometimes have to stand directly in the inter-car aisle, so the strength and safety of inter-car connections is particularly important. Inter-car couplings of Veem-Metalavtoprom are safe and durable and go with manufacturer’s warranty.

Production of inter-car connections by the company Veem-Metalavtoprom

Our company produces both standard inter-car connections and completes custom orders. Designs of inter-car couplings from Veem-Metalavtoprom are easily mounted on the vehicles during the transport production. If necessary, they can be repaired directly in the operating conditions.

With Veem-Metalavtoprom, you get a guarantee of quality and durability, delivery within Ukraine and all over the world in special protective packaging at a budget-friendly price.



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