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Seats for special-purpose vehicles are another important segment of our products. Such seats are characterized by high functionality, convenience, and compactness which corresponds to their purpose. In particular, we manufacture various types of seats for military vehicles as well as ambulance seats. 

Our company give manufacturer`s warranty for our seats and produces durable seats which comply with the international requirements.

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Ambulance seats

Model STR-6 is designed for installation in ambulances. It is made of quality plastic and polyurethane foam covered with durable upholstery. It is possible to adjust the height and tilt of the headrest. These seats are fitted with skids for easy forward/backward movement and three-point safety belts. 

We understand how important safety and reliability are in an ambulance which sometimes drives at a high speed, so we make sure our ambulance seats meet those needs.

Seats of the commander of the armored personnel carrier

Military seats

Paratrooper seat

Model: SS-4

Paratrooper seat

Model: SS-5

Manufacturing of seats for various types of special vehicles

We strive to make our seats for special vehicles not only comfortable, but also safe and reliable. Therefore, we take into account all the requirements for these types of seats and the peculiarities of their use. 

Our product line of special seats consists of:

  • seats for ambulances;
  • seats for military vehicles (several kinds).

Seats for military vehicles

Veem-Metalavtoprom supports the military industry of Ukraine and offers two types of seats for military vehicles:


  • An armored personnel carrier driver’s seat;
  • a paratrooper seat (models CC-4 and CC-5).


All products are fitted with four-point safety belts. The headrest and footrest are foldable if more space is needed in the armored vehicle. 

Our seats have the following benefits:

  • lightweight and durable frame;
  • comfortable and easy mounting;
  • adjustable headrests;
  • the cover is made of thick easily removable fabric.

We are ready to complete both large and small orders. We are always open for cooperation with other companies.