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The seats are designed to equip the driver’s workplace in minibuses, buses, trucks, trams and trolleybuses.

Veem-Metalavtoprom company offers a wide range of reliable high quality driver`s seats. We help to make a driver`s workplace comfortable and produce seats for drivers of minibuses, city buses, coaches, trolleybuses, trams, as well as trucks, tractors and even marine vessels.
Our clients can choose a seat which ideally corresponds with their requirements from a wide range of our products. All our products go with the manufacturer’s warranty and are compliant with the international requirements.

Production of driver's seats for various types of vehicles

We manufacture driver’s seats of various configuration, construction, and design. Depending on the type of the vehicle, the seats might look differently (including upholstery) and have different functionality. Regardless of the seat type, all our seats have high quality and are comfortable, safe, and compliant with the international standards.
In particular, we offer the following types of driver’s seats:

  • seats for bus and minibus drivers;
  • seats for tram drivers;
  • seats for trolleybus drivers;
  • tractor seats;
  • seats for trucks;
  • seats for passenger cars.

We are constantly expanding our range, so that we can soon add other types of seats to the list.

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Driver's seat with mechanical vibration protection module: CB-1.6800.013-02

  1. Folding armrests
  2. Height adjustment of the head restraint
  3. Adjusting the angle of the backrest up to 26 °
  4. Pillow tilt angle adjustment ± 9 °
  5. Seat height adjustment up to 120 mm
  6. Adjusting the stiffness depending on the driver’s weight
  7. Movement of back and forth seats up to 150 mm
  8. Mounting points for 3-point seat belt
  9. Large range of seat upholstery
  10. Seat weight 35 kg

Driver's seat with pneumatic vibration protection module: CB-2.6800.014-02

  1. Folding armrests
  2. Possibility of a complete set by the mechanism of an angle of inclination of a seat
  3. Adjusting the angle of the backrest up to 26 °
  4. Seat height adjustment up to 100 mm
  5. Adjusting the stiffness depending on the driver’s weight
  6. Movement of back and forth seats up to 150 mm
  7. Mounting points for 3-point seat belt
  8. Large range of seat upholstery
  9. Seat weight 28 kg

Driver comfort and safety always come first

A job of a driver requires people to spend long periods of time seated. Quite often driver`s seats are not ergonomic and don`t allow drivers to relax, even though sometimes the driver’s seats might function as a bed.
Therefore, it is crucial to choose a driver’s seat responsibly, and even picky. It is necessary to pay attention to its comfort and safety as well as durability.
All products of our company meet these criteria. Our products have the following benefits: 

  • Our driver’s seats can be equipped with three- and four-point seat belts as well as reclining armrests. It is possible to change the seat`s height and the angle of the back. Thanks to the skids, one can adjust the position of a seat.
  • Thanks to the comfortable ergonomic backrest, the drivers will get maximum comfort, no matter how long is the trip. Additional safety is provided by the mechanical vibration protection module.
  • As the driver’s seat filler we use elastic polyurethane foam. It is a durable but quite soft material that ensures reliability and durability of the seats.

Full cycle of driver's seats production from Veem-Metalavtoprom

We use cutting-edge technologies in our production and strive for the market expansion and improvement of our assortment. That is why all products of our company are certified and manufactured under the strict control of our specialists.
Nowadays we cooperate with the leading Ukrainian companies and deliver our products all over Ukraine.
We are open to ideas and suggestions of customers, so we are always ready to undertake individual orders. With our expertise and production capacities, we can carry out several projects of different complexity and scale.



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